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From a small result-oriented firm specializing in consulting and tenant site selection by providing a strong commitment to our clients' needs, Greenwood Realty Group has now been developed into a full brokerage providing a range of real estate consulting services includes commercial tenants, landlord representation, purchase of investment, residential property, luxury property rental and management.

With over 100 years combined in the business of Real Estate, the firm has provided services for a wide variety of clients throughout Canada and the US Northwest and enjoys considerable repeat business.

Past work includes:

  • Development, Leasing, Consulting, and Management
  • Shopping Centre Leasing - from Strip Centres to Regional Malls; etc.
  • Site Assessment, Selection and Negotiating leases for tenants - from individual entrepreneurial shop owners to big box retail tenants and department stores, from industrial warehouse to office use.

The experience of our staff and our dealings with diverse contacts made during a number of years in business has proven to be an integral asset when dealing with tenants, developers and landlords. Greenwood Realty Group works together to thoroughly fulfill all aspects of our clients needs.

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Tenant Representation

Tenant representation is the cornerstone function in which Greenwood Realty Group is founded upon.

The need for tenant representation has never been greater, as both the levels of sophistication of landlords and competition among tenants for prime commercial real estate sites in British Columbia have increased significantly in the past decade.

As industry leaders, our quality staff provide the necessary tools that tenants require including, demographic analysis, trade area identification, site selection, and landlord/tenant negotiations. It is important for potential clients to recognize that in most circumstances, our services in tenant representation are provided at no cost to the clients that we represent, as our fees are collected from the landlord or his agent upon successfully negotiating a lease.

Site selection and lease negotiations are probably the most important components in your business venture being successful. Having the help of an expert who understands the complexities of these problems can often mean the difference between long term success and failure.

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GIS (Geographic Information Services)

One of the most important aspects of any retailer's success is location. In making this decision, today's leading Retailers, Real Estate Companies, Developers and Landlord's require GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to make the right choice.

Using current demographic data such as Statistics Canada Census, Business Locations, Consumer Expenditures, Traffic Volumes and client specific characteristics in a geographic map environment we can quickly and accurately put forth a detailed market site assessment profile; identify existing and potential locations as well as unlock spacial relationships in a visual map and report format. Accurate, fast and easily identifiable.

We offer assistance as detailed as your specific needs. Incorporating competitors locations and proximity, census data, potential customer profiles and consumer spending, we can aid in all aspects of site analysis: development, locations/allocation, leasing, marketing, purchasing and merchandising decisions. Client specific solutions.

Why use GIS technology in Retail Site Selection? Quick and easy visual representation of business information Analyze location-based business information Identify business opportunities and pitfalls with ease Quicker market entry Reduced risk associated with new business locations Analyze location-based business information Unlock patterns, trends and spacial relationships Less internal costs and time. Analyze potential markets based on store trade areas, current and future demographics, and product & service demands Please refer to our contact page to speak to Jim Platis for more information.

Developer Leasing Services

Whether you are developing a new property or require assistance in leasing an existing property, Greenwood Realty Group posesses the industry contacts and insights required to market and lease your property.

Specializing in smaller retail centres and regional shopping centres, Greenwood Realty Group has developed a reputation for succeeding with challenging properties where others have failed.

Contrary to what has become so popular in today's real estate industry, Greenwood Realty Group's philosophy dictates that obtaining a listing for a property is only the beginning - not the end of our work. If you are looking for someone to do more than place their sign in your window, call us today to discuss marketing and leasing strategies.

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Business buy and sell brokerage service

Buying or selling a business can be a complicated process, fraught with the portential for results that are less than desireable.

As most individuals may only buy or sell their business once in their lifetime, it is often difficult for most people to navigate through the process.

We combine our talents and resources with yours to either maximize the value of the business that you are trying to sell, or ensure that you purchase your business at the best price possible.

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